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Some common questions and answers

Get Paid for your Used Car Today!

How the process Works:
Simple, fill out the form below giving us some general information about your vehicle.  At that time your info will be instantly sent to one of our estimators to give you the best possible price the first time, no haggling needed. They will contact you back via phone within about 15-20 minutes depending on their schedule. If it’s after hours, give them till the morning, they have to take a break sometime too. On the phone they may ask you some additional details about the vehicle and if a deal is made we will email you a contract for sale and get you paid.


What if I have a lien? No problem, if it’s in your name. There are some legal docs we will need to get filled out and some account information so we can get a payoff… this may slow down the buying process a little bit which I’m sure you understand. As long as you owe less than is owed to the bank we are good to go. We workout the payoff with your bank and give you instructions on how to send us the title when received. 

Is this legit? 100% Adcock Brothers has been in the buying/selling business for over 47 years and is recognized as one of the largest independent used car dealers in the US. We are family run just like Bob Adcock started some 47 years ago and we still do business by earning your trust and exceeding your expectations.

How do you get my car/how long does it take? Adcock Brother has it’s own fleet of car haulers and we also broker throughout the US for transportation. We schedule the pickup, and notify you the day before pickup that the transportation company is on it’s way. The process normally is 48-72 hours but if you are in a small town or off the beaten path it may take a little longer. 

Building a lasting relationship

Our customers are important and our buying team is ready to give you a fair valuation to purchase your vehicle(s) today. We can even have you a check as quick as tomorrow.  Not a dealership but just an individual wanting to sell your used car, that ok too! Our team is ready to evaluate your private ownership used car today and have you a price in minutes.  Fill out this simple form and an Adcock Brothers buying agent will contact you shortly. After hours, believe it or not our team does sleep a little and will get back to your first thing in the AM.

Thanks for giving Adcock Brothers the opportunity to buy your vehicles.