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Why Sell To Us?

With all the technology out there today the process of selling your car is still, well, all over the place.  

Yes, you could go around to multiple dealers, list it online, or even post it on social media but all of those options take up valuable time you can’t get back. Furthermore, most of these processes result in phone calls, pushy salespeople and text messages from half of the spammers on the web.  

Being in the automotive industry for 50 years; Adcock Brothers gets it. You need a simple way to describe your vehicle, get a price, get paid, and transport the vehicle without having to jump through a bunch of different hoops. 

We thought, “What if we simply combined all of those options into one simple auto valuation process?” It’s time for consumers as well as dealers to have a better option when it comes to selling their cars. We wanted to create a simple process that guarantees a price, gets you paid within a day and arranges transportation all without you having to drive a mile.

Saying Sold does all the work on the backend to give multiple buyers within our network the option to return a number on your trade and we present you with our best offer based off those buyers within minutes. 

Now, we do realize you could have an emotional connection to your vehicle and that’s ok!  That being said, you will allow you to have a live person call and discuss your vehicle in detail if the offer your receive doesn’t match what you think it’s worth.

No more countless phone calls from all over the web, you get connected with a real buyer ready to spend money on your vehicle to discuss your valuation and see if the deal can be secured somewhere between the original and counter offer.  We don’t always make a deal but, it’s worth a shot.

Designed & Developed
by Automotive Experts
to Simplify Car Selling

Our automated platform was developed with the idea of simplicity in mind. The entire process should take you no more than 1-2 minutes and the process is simple. Let’s walk you through adding your car to Saying Sold. TXT, Submit, Accept, Get Paid. What could be easier?

Our valuations are backed by one of the largest independent wholesalers in the United States with a half century of automotive buying and selling experience. You can trust we are backed by the best in the industry.

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